Run the Bar — Don’t Let the Bar Run You

To improve stock accuracy and keep margins high, Restaurant Manager’s Bar POS System can play a key role with features like quick tab speed of service, easy tab transfers and one touch “next round” ordering. The Bar POS System from Restaurant Manager delivers the speed customers expect, the features bartenders want, and the security you need for your bar or nightclub.

Inventory Control

Eliminate theft and waste by bar or club staff while understanding consumption patterns with a powerful and robust Inventory Control module.

Liquor Control

Track alcohol transactions to ensure each drink served is paid for.

Price Scheduling (Happy Hour)

Run happy hour promotions or app specials with no hassle.

Management Reporting

Automate and schedule email reports.

Guest Checks & Receipts

Reprint receipts from any date at the POS with the original date stamp and split checks by quantity (ex: number of wings consumed), improving customer communications.

Fast Order Switching

Quickly and easily switch between existing orders and start new orders directly from the order entry. Workflow at a busy bar or club can be significantly streamlined with the number of touches cut by 60%.

Print/Display for Food Prep

Make fewer kitchen errors and improve customer satisfaction with features such as “updated item” banner alerts and displaying the quantity for modifiers.



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